Sunday, 13 May 2018

3 months after my HEAVY challenge

There are events of your life you cannot forget.

I still ask to myself why I have tried such a hard challenge. It made me very happy, I always say: with some willingness, everything is possible.

The emotional shock of my key-day is still in my mind. I feel powerful: I wear the Hell's Belt as anyone wears panties. I always say this challenge strengthened me a lot.

I wanted to write an article to tell you: the pride of having made it is still in my mind. This challenge had been as hard as beautiful for you and me.

I reached a point in my model life: being belted all the time is not possible anymore. I have catsuits, my wonderful Iron Maiden Corset, a new latex corset (given by a fan, tack), and so many outfits I love wearing, and incompatible with the Hell's Belt. I wear my armor from time to time.
As I feel stronger, I don't need to be protected anymore. I often go outdoors without my armor.

I had to take a serious break and not attempt any challenge for now. A double-plugged challenge is still planned, but I prefer recovering from my HEAVY challenge before doing anything else before. Meanwhile, I am curious to hear what you have in mind for me.

Do you like me wearing a latex corset?

Thursday, 3 May 2018

Trying 2 plugs for the Hell's Belt

Time to bring back some activity here!

My Hell's Belt has got a new color. I just took off the rust it had. Do you like its steel color?

The major change is: my belt can be double-plugged. I bet you want to see me doing challenges with, right?
Plugs are not so wide. They look good to be worn for extended periods of time.
The longest plug is very sadistic: its tip hits the end of my vagina, which frustrated me a lot. It will be interesting to try it for days... if I manage to survive.

Friday, 13 April 2018

My new catsuit: Samus Aran Zero Suit

I love zentais/catsuits. I hope you love them too =^.^=
If you like this new cosplay, please let me know. Maybe some challenges can be done while wearing it...

Sunday, 25 March 2018

30 days after my freedom

30 days after this awful challenge, my life evolved.

I am busy with planning shoots. Since they are nude and bikini, I have to avoid wearing my chastity stuff too much (otherwise I will get marks). I still have the dark waist.

I wear sometimes my My-Steel belt. I repaired it quite properly, and it can be worn for few hours.
My Hell's Belt is still my main belt. When I need to go outdoors safe, I wear it.

Just a short article to say: I am not dead. LOL

Sunday, 4 March 2018

9 days after my freedom

My wound is fully healed. There is just some stain remaining on my butt, but it is good to perform shoots.

This challenge is over for good. I don't plan to do more reports. I am enjoying right now a long, wild travel.

I tried my My-Steel belt and bra: the hot glue is average. It doesnt hold very well on small surfaces, but it can be very good combined with neoprene glue andon big surfaces. I didn't shower with yet though.

I am very happy to have lived and shared this experience with you =^.^=

From a shoot done yesterday, happy to wear classy dresses =^.^=

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

FAQ about the Hell's Belt

This heavy belt! you were plenty to ask me questions about this bulky belt.

I will not detail here how I feel in the belt (it is already detailed a lot in other articles). I will comment the belt itself.

Remind: this belt is a prototype: there are no other Hell's Bemt in the world.

Weight, thickness

4.1 kg (9 lb). This is the heaviest belt I have ever handled.
The steel thickness is from 5 mm (0.2 '') (plates) to 8 mm (0.3 '') (arches).

Made to measure?

Yes. Thick belts have to be tried for settings. I gave the metal worker my measurements, and he made the belt. The belt fitted me perfectly when I tried it (it is loose now due to my weight losses), but still fitting great).
Plates are not flat. They are curved according to my shapes.

Hygiene, safety

The shield is widely slotted with a steel rod above. Peeing is easy to do and easy to clean: water and this is it. It can be done with or without the rod.
To go to number 2, I have to unscrew the rod, so there is enough space to let it go through. The rod can be done and undone by myself with a tool.
Even without the rod, my belt is safe: I could get some arousal, but no orgasms (my clitoris is covered by the front plate).


This is a weakness of this prototype: the locks are not protected. There are just 2 padlocks which hold arches. I didn't want to get integrated locks since I love having padlocks. Boltcutters can cut them easily, but this is not the worst problem for me.

I am very happy with this belt, and so happy to have spent 30 days in!

 My wounds are healing (5 days after unlocking).



Left arch open.

Side, showing curves of the plates.

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

4 days after my month in chastity

I didn't wear any chastity belt or bra or steel collar today.

I went to the swimming pool. It was so great to swim without the belt!
There was just 1 problem: many annoying specimens of types B and C (respectively Babies and Children). More women should wear chastity belts to avoid producing these specimens.
One of this specimens looked at me when I was showering. He was half my height (litterally: his head was as high as my hips). He said "she is tall!". It already happened when I was in a store: some young boys watched me as if I was a giant. This is one of the (few) advantages to be so tall.

This evening, I watched "Shrek". When the chandelier fell on the dragon's neck, the desire came back, I wanted to lock back my collar. However, I didn't give in, and I didn't touch my collar.

I am often asked pictures of my belt (from out and in). I must do this quickly.

I had a busy day. I am tired now.

My wounds are healing. The skin is still sensitive (it reddens easily when I scratch).

Rednesses are due to the swim (they faded before I went to bed), but the wounds are looking good.

Monday, 26 February 2018

3 days after my month in chastity

Today, I visited my parents. My wounds are healing.

Nothing great to tell. I feel very well without steel. I don't miss my armor at all, I don't feel unsafe.

 Do you like me in a dress, with a thin collar?

Sunday, 25 February 2018

2 days after my month in chastity

I did not wear any piece of steel on my body for more than 10 min. I wore my leotards instead.

My wounds are healing. The drynesses on my chest are healing too, I just keep some blisters for now.
All damages are harmless.

Don't ask me why: the dark ring around my waist (caused by my My-Steel and old belt) is still here!

I enjoy again rope self-suspensions. I just need some training and I will do my shows soon again!
I also enjoy some yoga poses. So many forgotten pleasures I retrieved.

Sorry to publish short articles. I don't have so much to say for now.

Currently feeling: it was really worth to have suffered for 30 days.

My wounds are healing.
(there are some rednesses due to my HRM strap) 

Saturday, 24 February 2018

After my month in heavy chastity

I slept so well! it was a pleasure to enjoy a night without steel =^.^=

I loved wearing my dress and having some other orgasms. I don't remember how many I got, but I enjoyed them a lot!

I don't miss my armor. I prefer spending some days without steel.

My wounds are healing. I suspect there are some steel chips between some layers of my skin. The Hell's Belt is stainless steel with a thin layer of stained steel, the latter seems to have been slightly damaged.

I am enjoying my nude body. I tried the IMC, it suits me well =^.^=

I glued my My-Steel belt and bra with hot glue. It seems good, but it should be tried for longer.

Currently feeling: enjoying my freedom =^.^= 

No pictures shared today (but I shot some). Wounds did not evolve:
- coccyx: wounds and brown marks,
- chest: rednesses and little blisters,
- neck: blacknesses due to the collar.