Thursday, 23 November 2017

12 h in the Iron Maiden Corset: D O N E ! !

Wow, it was a very tough challenge! I am so happy I have made it =^.^=

The shield was wet inside. Maybe I was so excited to get my freedom, and my pusy leaked. I could not resist: after having dropped my IMC on the floor, I jumped on the couch, and I rubbed my pussy. Of course, the excitement and the orgasm I got were weaker than the 1st March, but my meow, they were strong!

The 1st guy who says "do this again with a toy inside you", I don't know which fate he will get...

My marks are deep and red, but not as much as I expected. They can be compared to the ones I got after few hours.

Stay tuned for my future challenges. Maybe Santa will bring you something before Christmas...


Marks, front side

Marks, back side

12 h in the Iron Maiden Corset: after 10 h

Just 2 hours to go! and I am really, really fed up with this challenge. The pressure (especially on my sides) is above my pain threshold. It is hard to have a nap.
I was hungry, so I had my dinner: a nice plate of spaghettis. I should never eat so much when I wear the IMC: it is very tight on my ribcage now!

I don't share pictures. I am too lazy to do this, but I shot videos of my challenge.

12 h in the Iron Maiden Corset: after 7 h 30

This challenge is very tough, but I have done more than its half!

Why the IMC is so hard to wear:
  • I can't bend: to pick up an item dropped on the floor, or to put my shoes on/off, it is very hard.
  • I can't go to toilet: I didn't need to use toilets for now, but it could be an issue for "the big one".
  • When I need to skate, my thighs chafe against the shield (which is loose because of weight losses).
  • The pressure of the bars is awful.
  • Driving! if I need to drive, getting in/out the car is a funny challenge (but safe).
My Iron Maiden Corset is a prototype, made only for me. However, if someone wants to have a steel corset for 24/7 restraints, I think it can be improved (plates instead of bars, holes for urination and defecation, and maybe without collar).
I will not chang my IMC. I love it as it is =^.^=

Less than 5 h to go. Wish me courage!

12 h in the Iron Maiden Corset: after 4 h

I have made a third of the challenge. I say it is not as bad as I thought, but the bars are getting to me. The pressure is awful.
I don't give up yet!

Daily life is hard, since I can't bend my back: lying down, eating, driving, ... everything is become harder. But I am proud =^.^=

12 h in the Iron Maiden Corset: after 2 h

Already 2 h done! and the bars are already digging into my skin. I think it will be a tough challenge.
However, I am feeling great. I think I can do at least 6 h in it.

12 h in the Iron Maiden Corset

You are allowed to say I am crazy. I go straight away to who-knows-where.

I locked the IMC on me this morning, at 8h45. I will spend the whole day in... at least I will try.

Wish me good luck!

1 mi after having been locked, saying "what have I done?"

Monday, 20 November 2017

My steel devices

"Where did you find this?"
"Is this heavy?"
"How much does this cost?"
So many interesting questions about my steel devices!

Weights are both in grams and pounds (452 g = 1 lb).
Costs are in the currency of the country where they are from. Costs do not include shipping fees and may vary from the real prices.

Chastity belt

Coming from: My-Steel (Germany)
Price: mine cost 707 EUR (ring are optional)
Purpose: protects my pussy against intercourses and sexual pleasure
Weight: 800 g (1.5 lb)
Suitable for men: My-Steel can supply male chastity belts
Remarks: it is made to measure according to the measurements you will give to My-Steel, and there are several shapes for the belt

Chastity bra

Coming from: My-Steel (Germany)
Price: 677 EUR
Purpose: protects my breasts
Weight: 1750 g (3.9 lb)
Suitable for men: yes, although I don't see the point
Remarks: it is made to measure according to the measurements you will give to My-Steel, there are 3 cupsizes

Hyperthick collar

Coming from: WhatNobodyKnows (UK)
Price: 250 GBP (the huge ring costs 30 GBP)
Purpose: really heavy collar around the neck!
Weight: 1550 g (3.4 lb)
Suitable for men: yes (some guys tried my collar)
Remarks: you can choose the thickness, the diameter, ... it can be customised in many ways

Power Cuffs

Coming from: WhatNobodyKnows (UK)
Price: 125 GBP
Purpose: heavy cuffs, really heavy ones! they strengthen my muscles a lot.
Weight: 825 g (1.8 lb) each cuff
Suitable for men: yes
Remarks: you can choose the thickness, the diameter, ... and it can be locked by a padlock (I chose a screw-lock to have a discrete locking system)

Posture Trainer

Coming from: Serious-Matter (Belgium)
Price: 750 EUR
Purpose: holds my hands behind my back: moving my arms becomes impossible.
Weight: 2200 g (4.9 lb)
Suitable for men: yes
Remarks: very stressful item, but I bet you love it: if you want one, it is of course made to measure to your body

Iron Maiden Corset

Coming from: Serious-Matter (Belgium)
Price: not for sale
Purpose: a very nice steel corset, which prevents me from bnding my back, and which forces me to focus on my breath.
Weight: 2500 g (5.5 lb)
Suitable for men: no
Remarks: it is a unique device in the world

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Double-plugged: the revenge: 4 h done: end

4 hours with my holes full! I am very happy to have done so long!

Although I can spend longer double-plugged, I don't have so much time to do longer. I would like to shoot other videos, and prepare my suitcases to travel the day after tomorrow.

The next step would be: a day double-plugged (12 h). Or maybe double-plugged in trains (as I did in December 2016 with my vaginal plug). Give your ideas in comments!

Few people asked me if I can orgasm double-plugged: without clitoral stimulation, I can't orgasm. I can't get any pleasure except horniness.

After a nice shower, I feel filled of pride, and empty holes.

Double-plugged: the revenge: 2 h 30 done

I broke my previous record! this revenge is going well!

I am keeping doing my daily life. It is 13h02 when I write this article, and I don't feel the plugs so much anymore. I have to admit I didn't move so much (I spent a lot of time in my bed).
I managed to be stood up for 10 minutes (time to take care of my eyebrows), and it was good.

How long will I do before getting the keys? no one in the world can say.

Double-plugged: the revenge: 1 h done

I have done 1 h with my double-plugged belt! I feel filled with pride (and steel)!

The challenge is sometimes not so bad, sometimes awful. I found some very good positions to avoid undergoing a powerful arousal: if my legs and trunk draw an angle of 90 °, the plugs are well placed inside me, and the wall between them is not pinched: less arousal.

My feline, furry friends are here to support me. Some of you are also supporting me.
Petit Jaguar wants to hug you =^.^=